Core Classes

Current Term
April 24, 2022 - July 17, 2022

What We Believe

Pastor Steve | Room 112 | Education Building

In this 7-week class, Pastor Steve will dive deep into the foundations of what Southern Baptists believe. 

Old Testament Overview - Part 1

Wade Harris | Room 4/5 | Worship Center

This 13-week class will begin an overview of the whole Old Testament and how it all fits together. 


Jim Webster | Room 108 | Education Building

This 13-week class will look at the theology behind missions, the specifics of what we as Southern Baptists do in missions, and even give practical ways to live out missions in your everyday life. 

Book-by-Book Study

Mike Burt | Room 110 | Education Building

This 13-week session in this ongoing Bible study will cover both 1 & 2 Thessalonians. Bring your scuba gear, 'cuz we're going deep. 

Book-by-Book Study

Ron Paddack, Brian Zane, Joy Zane | Room 6 | Worship Center

The first part of this 13-week session in this topical study will be utilizing Dr. David Jeremiah's book Where Do We Go From Here? which seeks to answer how centuries-old prophecies and wisdom speak to us today and help us live out God's mission.